Angels’ Touch Spa offers a variety of massages to accommodate your needs. Our licensed massage therapists can assist you in getting the most from your massage. Carefully administered techniques will improve circulation, sooth some muscles, promote relaxation, and detoxify the body. Speak to one of our massage therapists with any questions or concerns you may have today.


Deep Tissue Massage + Free Hot Stone Massage

30min $50 Neck & Shoulder & Back Massage

60min  $70 +  + Free Full Body Scrub + Free Table Shower +  Steam Room

90min  $100 + Free  Full Body Scrub + Free Table Shower + Steam Room

120min $140 + Free  Full Body Scrub +Free Table Shower + Steam Room


Romantic Couples Sweedis  Massage 

60min  $140 + Deep Tissue + Free Full Body Scrub + Table Shower

Ear Candling


Centuries old, candling continues to be used as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. A cylinder candle is gently placed in the ear and lit in the opposite end to create a slow vacuum with no discomfort. Old ear wax and toxins are removed, which helps to relieve pressure, wax build-up and inner ear blockage.

We use two candles per ear and add a complimentary scalp massage.